China is both Australia and New Zealand’s biggest trading partner, but how much do ANZ based organisations really know about doing business in China? 

Currently, according to PwC, only 9% of ANZ businesses are trading in Asia even though Chinese trade with Australia alone has grown on average 17% per year over the past decade and exports to China are worth $98 billion each year. 

Chinese nationals and Australians and New Zealanders of Chinese descent are buying goods locally and selling them in China through online malls like Alibaba, Tmall, Taobao and JD. Plus there are over 500,000 Australian domiciled Mandarin speakers with active Weibo accounts that most Australian organisations are yet to contact.

Isentia Unlocking China

With offices across Asia and four in China alone, Isentia is ideally placed to help you navigate China’s Digital Economy.

Isentia can help you Unlock China with:

  • Strategists based in Australia and New Zealand with a detailed understanding of the local market
  • Local specialists in China who can analyse and interpret Chinese social media and online shopping data